Whistle Blowing Policy

The Bank has a whistle blowing policy with designated officials to whom the employee can approach. The policy provides adequate protection to employees for any reports in good faith.

The Board’s Audit Committee oversees the implementation of this policy.

The directors have adopted the following code of conduct in respect of their behavior​:

  • To act with honesty, integrity and in good faith, with due diligence and care, in the best interest of the Bank and its stakeholders;
  • To act only within the scope of their responsibilities;
  • To have a proper understanding of the affairs of the Bank and to devote sufficient time to their responsibilities;
  • To keep confidential Board discussions and deliberations;
  • Not to make improper use of information gained through the position as a director;
  • Not to take undue advantage of the position of director;
  • To ensure his/her personal financial affairs will never cause reputational loss to the Bank;
  • To maintain sufficient/detailed knowledge of the Bank’s business and performance to make informed decisions;
  • To be independent in judgment and actions and to take all reasonable steps to be satisfied as to the soundness of all decisions of the Board;
  • Not to agree to the Bank incurring an obligation unless he/she believes at the time, on reasonable grounds, that the Bank will be able to discharge the obligations when it is required to do so;
  • Not to agree to the business of the Bank being carried out, or cause or allow the business to be carried out, in a manner likely to create a substantial risk of serious loss to the Bank’s creditors;
  • To treat fairly and with respect all of the Bank’s employees and customers with whom they interact;
  • Not to enter into competition with the Bank;
  • Not to demand or accept substantial gifts from the Bank for himself/herself or his/her associates;
  • Not to take advantage of business opportunities to which the Bank is entitled for himself/ herself or his/her associates;
  • Report to the Board any potential conflict of interest, and
  • Absent themselves from any discussions or decision-making that involves a subject in which they are incapable of providing objective advice or which involves a subject of proposed conflict of interest.