Treasury Overview

​Al Salam Bank-Bahrain is totally committed to putting the Bank’s clients at the heart of everything the Bank does aiming to deliver long term consistent results that exceed your expectations.

Trea​​sury and Capital Market Unit:

The Treasury and Capital market unit principally coordinates the Bank’s overall regional and international treasury operations, focusing on the following main responsibilities:

  • ​Fine-tune the level of liquidity available, providing the necessary funding to the Bank, and through the adaptation of Shari’a-compliant money market as deemed necessary to meet the banks and client’s needs through the implementation tools of rigorous and disciplined liquidity management tools.
  • Deploy the bank’s liquidity at the best possible risk and return match through interbank activities, short term government papers or investment certificates. Further, Treasury invest and manage any cash surplus with the objective to maintain the integrity of the principal, while ensuring that invested funds are accessible when needed and provide a return on investment in line with the Bank’s strategy. ​
  • Engage in trading and propriety book management in the area of FX, Sukuk and money market to best utilize the bank capital and market fluctuation while strictly adhering to Bank risk tolerance, the risk management guidance and policies.
  • Monitor the market movements and the rate fluctuations to provide the necessary hedge alternatives to the ALCO and executive management.
  • Implement the regulatory and Basel committee’s liquidity ratios and requireme​nts that reflect the Bank's liquidity position.