Corporate Banking

​Al Salam Bank-Bahrain provides Shari’a-compliant banking facilities for the purpose of meeting the financial needs of large corporations, medium sized commercial organizations and small commercial businesses.

Al Salam Bank-Bahrain led a number of Shari’a-compliant syndicates and club consortiums. Throughout the past few years, the Bank has introduced innovative Shari’a-compliant products for the first time in the local market; especially products related to working capital and trade finance. The offered products and services are beyond the boundaries of Bahrain to include the GCC and other regional markets. The division role revolves around managing and marketing corporate/ commercial relationships based on thorough market analysis and understanding. The Corporate Banking team aspires to provide banking solutions to its clients rather than merely financing them.

The comprehensive range of Corporate Banking products and services includes:

  • Term financing
  • Trade finance credit facility
  • Working capital credit facilities
  • Various guarantee lines
  • Set-up and manage Escrow accounts as per Central Bank of Bahrain guidelines ​